Pay Per Click Maximizes Your ROI:

Paid search marketing is the fastest and most manageable way to take your business to people who are looking for your offer. An accurately designed PPC management program ensures more conversions for less spend. It lets you people who are ready to purchase. When integrated with other search methods, Pay per Click proves to be a data-driven way of getting new customers, expanding the reach of a campaign and building effectiveness that reduces the cost of a campaign.

Multiply Revenues. Reduce costs:

ProDigitalMind’s integrated approach to your online presence matches Pay Per Click activity with ad quality, keyword optimization, and on-page relevance. We use our tested methods, and with our dedication towards continuous optimization, we aim to enhance your overall conversion rate and reduce your cost per acquisition. We collaborate with CRM teams and design teams to spot and effectuate improvements so as to increase conversions and build revenue.

Knowing When to Use it:

Pay Per Click can be used independently or in combination with an SEO and content optimization program. Depending on your business model and objectives, Pay Per Click can boost your ROI immediately while you’re waiting for your Content and SEO programs to gain traction. PPC can be used as a cost-effective way to gain more audience for particular offers or sustain interest of customers in a crowded market.

Knowing How to Use it

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ProDigitalMind uses a simple four fold process:

  • Audit -
    We start by auditing your ongoing campaign. We measure your Click Through rates, Quality Score, Conversion rates, Campaign Spend and Cost Per Acquisition to find loopholes and determine where improvements can be made.
  • Build -
    Next we analyze your keywords and ads to make sure we can help you build a successful and profitable campaign. By optimizing identified keywords we can boost click-through-rates and conversions.
  • Manage - We then track the campaign to ensure you do not spend more than necessary. This helps you to retain your market share without spending too much on keywords.
  • Test -
    We continue monitoring the campaign and test all of its aspect to keep your conversion rates at the highest level possible for the spend.

Bridging the Conversion Gap

ProDigitalMind’s experienced and skilled PPC management team is committed to delivering results by integrating a well-structured and business-focused strategy with in-depth research and high-quality implementation to give you an instant boost in ROI. We use industry-leading tools to grab market-wide opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. We have a distinct AdWords management portfolio. We’ve successfully managed various high-volume & complex e-commerce PPC accounts, targeting on driving down the cost per acquisition per unit.

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