Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a supercharged program that helps nurture prospects with the help of highly personalized and useful content. A well-structured automation program increases the effectiveness of online campaigns and ensures brand visibility relevant to potential customers. It assists in converting prospects to customers and customers to delighted customers. It aids discovery, drives engagement and delivers quantifiable results.

Why ProDigitalMind works?

ProDigitalMind collaborates with some of America's best Marketing Automation businesses to give you an easy way in to premier automation systems, while assuring that activities like content writing and content optimization are in accordance to your overall strategy and goals.

Wherever and whenever your customers need you!

A buying decision never follows a linear path. In the discovery stage, before the customer is actively looking to buy, they tend to explore as many channels as they can. A well-designed automation program will enable you to observe their behavior across these channels and build a guided research journey for them - a journey that captivates them more and more as they become ready to make the purchase.

Driving Deep User Engagement

Marketing Automation builds a profile for each prospect based on his or her online activities. This allows a good automation system to provide an individualized experience for them, related to the channel they’re in. By starting a conversation in one channel, and continuing it in another, you can engage them for an extended period of time. You can provide interesting and apposite information and become a trusted source of information.

Speeding Up Your Process

ProDigitalMind can help you design an automated campaign to attract prospective customers, engage, retarget and convert them automatically. You just set the system and the system works for you, like an efficient sales team. In collaboration with major platform providers like Hubspot and Marketo, we ensure fast, accurate, responsive campaign management. Prospects are regularly contacted and fed relevant information, explicitly tailored to their phase in the buying journey. The more interest they show, the more information they get so that those hot leads can be converted while they’re still hot.

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Reading Between The 'Data'

By understanding what matters, in terms of where the prospect is in the path to purchase and what behavior he or she showing, you can pay attention to the data that matters - the things that promote discovery, increases engagement, drives conversion and enable you to make more sales. More often, using a fully functioning automated funnel, you can:

  • know who’s interested
  • use analytics to enhance the content to make it more effectual
  • use predictive analytics to design content for your best prospects
  • use split tests to optimize landing pages to generate more leads
  • track their advancement along the funnel
  • foster them with the right information at the right time
  • understand when they’ll probably make a purchase
  • convert them
  • calculate the cost per sale
  • upsell them
  • retain their business

Converting Data To Sales

At ProDigitalMind, content experts can ensure your salespersons aren’t squandering their time on unqualified leads:

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  • by recognizing the most likely probable prospects
  • by integrating related data with your CRM systems
  • by developing a stream of new prospects for your site
  • nurturing those prospects until they’re all set to buy
  • providing prioritized customers, based on online behavior

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